Let’s get personal.

BV Accounting’s personal income tax preparation services will help you prepare your tax return quickly, affordably and accurately. If you have been recently married, divorced, separated, are a new immigrant or have been working on a commission basis, our professionals are trained to handle any and all situations, whether they are simple or complicated. Accounting services offered for Individuals include:

  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Income Tax Filing
  • HST Returns
  • US tax filings/FBAR

Come see us about your personal tax needs. We’ll help you minimize your tax obligations while striving to make the whole experience as simple and as painless as possible.

At BV Accounting & Tax Professional Corporation, our tax services are unique in the sense that you get the personal service of a small company, but the experience of a larger firm. We help your bookkeeping process get, and stay organized. And, we make tax time easy.

DIY Tax Filers


So many people believe they can file a tax return and it is easy, well that is until you have mistakes from missing information.

Did you know that if Canada Revenue Agency catches a minor error, the first time you just pay the tax and interest. The second time in a four year period a 20% penalty on the gross income missed will result in addition to the taxes.

So if you are a do it yourself person, making mistakes could cost you more in unforeseen penalties than what a professional would charge you to prepare the return. Note that Canada Revenue Agency only contacts you if you underpay taxes and not over pay. So if you are not organized, don’t have a good filing system, you don’t understand computers, you don’t understand the tax software and you don’t follow the software problems, and you don’t have some basic understanding of tax rules, then maybe you might want to reconsider the DIY of tax filing. Contact BV Accounting today and let us take the stress of tax season!